Provenance of Coloured Gemstones
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Klemens Link, Head of Development, Gübelin Gem Lab

Klemens studied geology in Giessen (Germany). From 2006 to 2013 he worked as petrologist and research scientist at the University in Mainz.

Since joining the Gübelin Gem Lab at the beginning of 2013, Klemens has been working as research analyst and geochemical specialist. Driven by his passion for mass spectrometry he researched and published on the age determination of emeralds and sapphires amongst other projects. Since 2016 he coordinates the analytical department and oversees the development of the Gübelin laboratory. Today Klemens is essentially involved in establishing the Provenanceproof initiative and leading the development of the JNA-award winning the Emerald paternity test as well as the Provenanceproof – blockchain.

Klemens has attended numerous conferences around the world to lecture about applying geochemistry in gemmology, age determination of corundum and introducing the Provenanceproof projects.


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Provenance of Coloured Gemstones