2018 International Gems and Jewellery Conference and the Second CUG Wuhan CIGT Symposium
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The way and the effort – Challenges and innovations in the gems and Jewelry Industry


In 2017-18, we have seen many new challenges to the gemological community, including, but not limited to, De Beers Group announced that they will be selling synthetic diamonds; new provenance of some colored stones, and many others. This conference focuses on “Analyzing the new changes in the recent years and facing the challenge in front of all of us”, hence trying to motivate innovations for the new era.


Time: October 20th – 21st , 2018 (check-in starts on Octrober 19th 2018)

Venue: Hotel New Beacon Luguang International, Wuhan (武汉武汉纽宾凯鲁广国际酒店)

Presentation: oral and poster


  • New gem production and provenance

  • Innovative identification technology

  • Gem and jewelry business in the new economics

  • Jewelry art and manufacturing – heritage and innovation

  • Other gemology related subjects


Please refer to the paper format in the Journal of Gems and Gemmology http://bshb.chinajournal.net.cn/WKD/WebPublication/index.aspx?mid=bshb

Deadline: September 10th, 2018 midnight.

Please submit to the following email addresses: gic-symposium@foxmail.com, gic-symposium@qq.com or 3391140774@qq.com

Accepted papers will be published in a supplement issue of the Journal of Gems and Gemmology. Papers with high academic standings will be invited to submit a full article to be published in the normal Journal.